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Program Description

(Not for College Credit)

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We Bring the
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Nazarene Bible College, in an effort to provide ministerial continuing education through an online delivery system, has created the Institute for Ministry Enrichment. This service to the church is designed as a high quality low cost program that can benefit the clergy in every church.

Ministerial Continuing Education – Lifelong Learning Hours

Continuing education is a significant part of every modern day profession. Doctors, nurses, accountants, lawyers, law enforcement, teachers, etc. are all required to complete a certain amount of continuing education on a regular basis. Denominations are requiring the same for ministers. The difficulty is finding good programs, for a reasonable cost, that are conveniently accessible. Nazarene Bible College has made that possible through the IME program.

What is a Lifelong Learning Hour? While there are many definitions our denomination requires that our ministers spend a minimum of twenty (20) hours of involvement in a continuing education event including meetings, seminars, symposia, and/or short courses that meet the specific objectives of lifelong learning.

NOTE: Every IME Syllabus says Credits: 2 That is an internal billing issue. Those 2 credits equal twenty (20) Lifelong Learning Hours. You will receive a certificate when you successfully complete an IME course showing that you have earned twenty (20) Lifelong Learning Hours.

NBC has designed a way for individuals to participate in meaningful classes conveniently held online, which are designed to assist you in your professional advancement and effectiveness.

IME classes are four (4) weeks in length with an expectation of five (5) hours of involvement per week. That equates to twenty (20) hours of lifelong learning with the completion of each four-week course.

NBC will also provide electronic library and research resources for twelve (12) months beginning with the first week that you are actively involved in your first IME course. Each time you take an IME course, your access to these resources will be extended for another 12 months. That is a $150 subscription value that is yours for free when you take an IME class at NBC!

Most seminars that provide enough seat-time to provide twenty hours of lifelong learning credit are three to four days in length, plus travel, hotel and meals. At that rate it does not take long to spend upwards of $500 for such a course.

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The cost for each IME class and the accompanying research resources is only $160.00, plus the cost of a study text. The text is almost always a paper-back book authored by a contemporary author. When possible, the author of the book is also the IME course instructor.

Due to a $100 scholarship provided for Nazarene pastors,
your cost for an IME course is only $60.00
plus the cost of your study text.

IME students may participate at the time of their choosing (24 hours a day) on any three (3) days in each week.

Each class will include the following basic elements:

  1. Reading materials.
  2. Specific response assignments.
  3. Discussion with an instructor and other students.
  4. A brief weekly reflection assignment.
  5. Each course will conclude with a paper or project that enables the student to prepare an implementation plan for applying what they have learned to their life and ministry.

How it Works
Typical Weekly Schedule: Online Orientation: Class Size: Textbooks/Grading:

It is anticipated that students will spend five hours each week completing these elements, thus fulfilling the requirements for authorized class/learning time required to grant twenty (20) hours of lifelong learning credit which fulfills the minimum required for each church year.

IME classes are taught by experienced practitioners, many with over 25 years of ministry practice. Some of our classes are taught by the authors of books that are directed toward professional development and available at Nazarene Publishing House and other fine publishers.

Upon registering with IME as a new student, you will be required to enroll in a 1-week orientation class designed to assist you in properly setting up your computer and introducing you to the online environment. The system will not allow a new IME student to register for a regular class until you have first registered for the IME Orientation Class.

In the Orientation Class you will receive basic instructions in how to navigate the system, and participate in class using our web-based Scribe program. You will also learn how to use the research tools. The cost of this one-time class is only $25 and provides you with the technical assistance you will need to be prepared for your regular IME classes.

Once you have taken the Orientation Class, you will not need to take it again unless:

  1. You have purchased a new computer and/or changed security services: There are times when settings on new equipment and security services will interfere with our programming and will need to be adjusted.

  2. If you have been an inactive student for more than 12 months: We have found that students often forget some important aspects of online class procedures when they have been inactive. This refresher ensures that you will be prepared for your regular class and avoid technical difficulties. We want you to have a pleasant and effective learning experience.

  3. Exception: The only exception to the orientation requirement is for students who are currently enrolled and active in another NBC online education program. This will require some special assistance in order to bypass the new student orientation requirement. For this assistance call the IME Director, Dr. James R. Russom at 719-884-5143.

Note: Once you have completed your registration and made your payment you will receive an email with your permanent username and password. This will be what you will use to access your IME courses.

IME classes tend to be smaller in enrollment than regular college courses. Our desire is that there would be a minimum enrollment of five students in order to provide for more class discussion. However our IME instructors will often teach less than five students in order to accommodate any who have enrolled in an IME class. Whether or not to teach less than five students will be the decision of the instructor.

Should you enroll in a class that is cancelled due to low enrollment, you have the following options:

  1. Request a full refund for the course and re-register in the future. If you have completed the orientation course, you will not need to take it again, as long as you register for a class within 12 months following the completion of the orientation class. You will then register for your next class as a returning student.

  2. If you wish, you may simply register for a different course that is in session.

  3. If you leave the funds in your IME account, you can register for a class in a future session of your choice. If you take this option, you will still be granted access to the research tools as of the date that you completed orientation as a new student or if you are a returning student, as of the date you become actively enrolled in an IME Class. Remember, if you take this option, you must re-enroll in an IME class within the next twelve months or you will have to take Orientation again.

Change of Enrollment

If you have registered and paid for an IME course and then decide not to enroll in the course, please contact your advisor to remove you from the course. The tuition and fees that you paid will remain on your student account to use for a future IME class.

If you log in and participate in an IME course and then discover that you cannot successfully complete the course, please notify your instructor that you will be unable to continue. You will receive a final grade of “NC” no-credit and you will not receive an IME Certificate for the lifelong learning hours. In addition, there will be no refund of your tuition and fees.

NOT FOR COLLEGE CREDIT: These continuing education classes are not for college credit and will not appear on an official college transcript. However, we will keep records in the registrar's office and in the online department of each IME class completed.

Each student will receive an IME Certificate indicating that they have met the requirements of the IME Course for their own records. NBC will also report the earned lifelong learning hours to the department of Clergy Development at the GMC of the Church of the Nazarene for all Nazarene pastors who successfully complete an IME course.

Pastors are encouraged to make a copy of their certificate and send it to the agency that oversees Continued Education for Ministers in your denomination or organization.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the IME director, Dr. James R. Russom by phone at 1-800-873-3873 extension 5143 or by email at JRRussom@nbc.edu.

For more information on classes earning college credit please go to http://www.nbc.edu or http://online.nbc.edu.

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