HBI7002 - Married to a Pastor

Course Description

This course is based upon the book Married to a Pastor: How to Stay Happily Married in the Ministry by HB London and Neil Wiseman.  While the book has been around for a while, current research shows that the challenges facing the spouse of a pastor have not changed much at all.  The book is written with the assumption that most pastors are men, but… many of the same challenges face men whose wives are pastors.  Most of the challenges are not gender related.
We will be reminded that ministry begins at home and we have an obligation to set an example of loving our spouse as Christ loves the Church.  Practical information and examples will prove helpful.

Course Objectives

After completing this course the student should be able to:

  1. Gain a better understanding of the demands and roles of a Pastor, Spouse and Family engaged in ministry
  2. Learn how to adopt and live with realistic expectations that protect your spouse and family while providing the freedom for them to serve God according to their gifts and passions
  3. Learn how to better understand the uniqueness of your spouse and their contribution to your ministry -- letting them be themselves!
  4. Answering tough Questions that allow you to work and plan toward a healthier partnership in marriage and ministry

A complete list of books, requirements and additional details may be found on online.nbcime.com under "Class Schedule".