Toler Leadership Institute (TL)

Course ID Course Name
TLI1002 Total Quality Life
TLI2002 Rethink Your Life
TLI3002 Lead To Succeed
TLI4002 Becoming A Leader
TLI5002 The Vibrant Church
TLI6002 The Five Star Church
TLI7002 The People Principle
TLI8002 Learning to Be Last

HBLondon Institute for Pastoral Care (HBI)

Course ID Course Name
HBI1002 Pastors at Greater Risk
HBI2002 The Shepherd Covenant for Pastors
HBI3002 Heart of a Great Pastor I
HBI4002 Heart of a Great Pastor II
HBI5002 Pause Recharge Refresh
HBI6002 Refresh Revive Renew
HBI7002 Married to a Pastor
HBI8002 For Kids Sake_Win the tug of war

Institute for Ministry Enrichment

Course ID Course Name
IME0002 NBC Alliance Training
IME0004 Alliance Director's Meeting
IME1000 Online Orientation
IME2000 Student Center and Resources
IME4000 Instructor Information and Resources
IME5022 The Pastor and Taxes
IME5032 Creating a Climate of Evangelism
IME5042 Rural Ministry in an Urban Culture
IME5052 Growing an Urban Church
IME5062 The Pastor of a Multi-Cultural Church
IME5072 Advent Preaching and Other Special Days
IME5082 Introduction To The Exciting World of Narrative Preaching
IME5092 The Literature of Lament: Biblical Resources for Lent
IME5112 The Healthy Church - A Dynamic Force
IME5122 First Century Palestine - The Culture of Christ
IME5132 How to Survive the Ministry
IME5152 Emerging Understandings of Ministry
IME5162 Sabbath: Applying God's Principles of Rest and Renewal
IME5172 Developing A Family Ministry
IME5182 Discovering Narrative Stages: Narrative Sermon Construction
IME5202 How To Have Personal Spiritual Retreats
IME5212 Maximizing Your Ministry
IME5222 Managing Conflict
IME5232 Total Quality Life
IME5242 Abundant Living
IME5252 Whatever Became of Holiness?
IME5262 Prayer Power
IME7002 Introduction to Jewish Ministry
IME7012 Jewish Evangelism
IME7032 Servant Leadership
IME7052 Jewish Festivals
IME7062 Small But Powerful: Growing the Smaller Church
IME7072 Faith Mentoring in the 21st Century
IME7082 Jesus the Jewish Theologian
IME7092 Discovering The Infinite Banking Concept
IME8002 The Pastor and the Law
IME8012 Securing Your Financial Future
IME8022 Exegeting Your Congregation
IME8032 Leader Coach
IME8042 God's Love A Hebrew Perspective
IME8052 Holiness Becoming Like Christ
IME8062 Keys to Effective Bivocational Pastoring
IME8072 Creating Peace Making and Not Peace Keeping
IME8082 Growing Through Disaster
IME8092 Digital Engagement: Beyond Sunday
IME9002 Older Adult Ministry: Why Are They Still Here?