IME8032 - Leader Coach

Course Description

The Leader-Coach course will enable you to create and implement an intentional and ongoing plan for developing lay leadership in the local church. The course focuses on developing yourself as a ministry leader and the people of the church into effective ministry teams, fulfilling Ephesians 4 : Equipping the saints for the task of ministry.

Course Objectives

As a result of this course, the student should be able to:

1.Discover the biblical rationale for lay ministry in the local church and identify different team and leadership styles

2.Learn how to develop and implement a plan for their own personal growth as an effective, Christlike leader and an equipper of others

3.Develop and implement a process to develop lay ministry teams

4.Refine and evaluate ministry teams in comparison with a working model.

Course Prerequisites

No prerequisites.

A complete list of books, requirements and additional details may be found on under "Class Schedule".