IME5112 - The Healthy Church - A Dynamic Force

Course Description

A healthy church is one that makes disciples, challenges the current generation to true Christian service, is seen by its members as a dynamic force in the community -- worth the dedication of your life. A dynamic church also fosters and nurtures the call to full-time Christian service. We will explore ways to ensure that this is true of YOUR church!

Course Objectives

The following will be achieved by completing this course:

1. To discover ways to reignite the passion of the pastor and local church leadership.
2. To inspire the pastor to assist the congregation in taking seriously the task of winning the lost.
3. To help provide leadership to the evangelism and expansion programs of the church.
4. To rekindle the need for identifying and nurturing the call of God in the lives of others, especially toward those who may be called into full-time Christian Service.

A complete list of books, requirements and additional details may be found on under "Class Schedule".