IME5222 - Managing Conflict

Course Description

Managing Conflict Before It Manhandles You is a course devoted to learning how to manage and resolve conflict in ways that bring about a win-win resolution and biblical reconciliation. This course is designed to assist clergy in

  • Understanding congregations and their systems
  • Preparing clergy to recognize, assess, and respond strategically, constructively and biblically to conflict situations.
  • And, to enhance effective self-management and self-care among clergy.

Course Objectives

The following learning objectives will be achieved by this course:

  1. To be able to examine the multiple sources of tension and conflict in churches
  2. To be able to identify the five levels of conflict in churches
  3. To be able to recognize the different types of conflicted relationships
  4. To understand the five major approaches to conflict intervention in conflicted churches
  5. To apply personality type, leadership style, and communications style for the resolution of conflict
  6. To offer strategies and skills useful in the process of healing the wounds resulting form conflict
  7. To equip clergy with the knowledge and skills of a biblical systematic theology of conflict resolution.

Competencies: This course should help you to better understand

  • The true sources of conflicts
  • How to teach a congregation to work through difficult issues
  • When to negotiate, compromise, and stand your ground
  • How to prepare for and survive a stormy season
  • Why pastors are the lightning rod for conflict
  • Healing for a hurting pastor or congregation

Course Prerequisites


A complete list of books, requirements and additional details may be found on under "Class Schedule".