IME7052 - Jewish Festivals

Course Description

This class will enable leaders of Christian churches, in particular Nazarene

Churches, to better understand God's revelation behind the Feasts and Festivals of Judaism; and, how they point to the fulfillment of God's overall plan through the Messiah.

Course Objectives

  1. Understand the difference between believing and non-believing Jewish ways of looking at Holy Scripture and God's plan.
  2. Understand the significance of the feast of Shabbat
  3. Understand the significance of the Spring Festivals and how they are the celebrations of the Kiddushin or Betrothal and how they point to the Messiah and the plan of salvation.
  4. Understand the meaning, significance and practice of Shuvah and the Fall Festivals.
  5. Understand how the two memorial festivals also reflect Messiah as well as God's plan

A complete list of books, requirements and additional details may be found on under "Class Schedule".