IME5092 - The Literature of Lament: Biblical Resources for Lent

Course Description

This class will explore practical ways of using biblical lament in various aspects of Christian ministry. Members of the class will discuss ways in which the lament literature of the Bible may be used in ministering to persons and/or congregations who have experienced great trauma and have had difficulty finding a language of prayer that acknowledges both their pain and their hope. Particular consideration will be given to ways in which biblical lament may be incorporated into the life, ministry, and worship of the 21st century church, and into the devotional life of individual believers. This course is intended to offer students an opportunity to begin exploring the relationship between biblical lament, and Hope. Each week students will engage in dialogue regarding the assigned readings from the textbook, the Bible, and other sources.

Course Objectives

The following will be achieved by completing this course:

1. To increase the student's understanding of Lament literature, and its place in the history of the Judeo-Christian faith.
2. To help students recognize the significance of Lament as an appropriate and therapeutic expression of faith that is consistent with a mature relationship with God.
3. To help students gain confidence and skill in using the Literature of lament in ministries of preaching, teaching, counseling, and worship.

A complete list of books, requirements and additional details may be found on under "Class Schedule".