TLI4002 - Becoming A Leader

Course Description

Every pastor/leader desires to be his/her best so that they can lead effectively for God. Successful leaders in today's world draw from five leadership realms, creating synergy for change and organizational vitality. These five secrets will be examined in order to bring out the best in you as a leader. This course will lead you to:

  • Discover what causes your organization to get "jammed" and how to effectively get it "un-jammed"
  • Develop your leadership skills through effective mentoring and learning how to help your congregation succeed in ministry.
  • Apply the principles of leadership integrity and skills in developing a team.

Course Objectives

The following learning objectives will be achieved by this course:

  1. Development spiritual disciplines that enhance effective leadership
  2. To learn and implement the elements of successful mentoring
  3. To learn how to articulate and communicate a clear vision for ministry that inspires others to follow
  4. To learn and implement a plan for building an effective leadership team

Competencies: This course should help you to better understand

  1. Choosing and being chosen as a mentor
  2. To identify influencers, power resources, and gatekeepers in your organization
  3. To begin identifying resources that can assist you in developing good leadership qualities
  4. To develop a team that will assist you in carry out your vision
  5. To develop a clear, sensory vision that ignites the soul of you as a leader and your congregation
  6. Develop effective methods of effectively dealing with conflict when is arises
  7. Develop an accountability partner
  8. Effectively relay you personal values and beliefs to your congregation
  9. To develop a consistent devotional life.

Course Prerequisites


A complete list of books, requirements and additional details may be found on under "Class Schedule".