IME7082 - Jesus the Jewish Theologian

Course Description

Jesus the Jewish Theologian establishes Jesus firmly within the context of first-century Judaism and shows how understanding Jesus’ Jewishness is crucial for interpreting the New Testament and for understanding the nature of Christian faith. Insights from Jewish literature, archaeology, and tradition help modern readers place Jesus within his original context. Particular attention is given to the Jewish roots of Jesus’ teaching concerning the kingdom of God.

Course Objectives

  1. Provide a greater understanding of the Jewishness of Jesus and how he fit in to his culture
  2. To capture a vision of how Jesus, as the greatest Jew that ever lived, worked among His people to open their hearts to the kingdom of God
  3. Provide resources for establishing a ministry to Jewish individual
  4. Provide basic understanding of Torah and the Talmud and how they were a part of the teaching of Jesus

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