IME7002 - Introduction to Jewish Ministry

Course Description

Introduction to Jewish Ministries is a brief overview of the Judaism and the Jewish culture, it similarities and differences with Christianity. We will study this culture thru the eyes of both a non-believing Jewish Rabbi and a Traditional Christian Pastor.

This class will enable leaders of Christian churches, in particular Nazarene Churches, to gain a better understanding of how to build redemptive relationships with Jewish people in USA/Canada, that leads to their acceptance of Christ as the Messiah.

Course Objectives

1. Provide a greater understanding of the place of Jewish culture in history
2. Create an awareness of the Jewish population in USA/Canada
3. Better understand the relationship between Judaism and Christianity
4. To capture a vision of how God is working among the Jewish people to open their hearts to Christ
5. Provide resources for establishing a ministry to Jewish persons

In addition to the above: In this course we wil gain a

  •  basic understanding of Judaism as both a religion and a culture
  • basic understanding of the similarities and differences between Christianity and Judaism
  •  basic understanding of the difference between Biblical and Rabbinic Judaism
  •  basic understanding of Torah and the Talmud
  •  basic understanding of the schism, hostility, and mistrust that developed between Judaism and Christianity
  •  basic understanding of Judaism today and how we can reach them with the Gospel

Course Prerequisites


A complete list of books, requirements and additional details may be found on under "Class Schedule".